A quick introduction from our founder Ben Ruhland:

Who we're working with:

Oikos Cafe

Working closely with Brett Briggs, the owner of Oikos Cafe in Ipswich, we were able to create an extended "hero" video to represent their business. The goal was to let locals know why they do what they do each day serving delicious coffee & food and plenty of good banter. Their business is huge on community engagement and giving back so this was a big foundation for how we went about producing this piece.

We always aim to represent any business in their truest form, getting into their ethos/mission, and telling their story.

Ipswich City Council

We were given the task to feature an iconic piece of history in a 150+ year old property named ‘Gooloowan’, meaning home on the hill. This was part of the City of Ipswich Events virtual festival "Festival of Four Walls". They asked us to produce a piece that would ‘take a peek’ into the very best elements of the home giving a ‘behind the scenes’ experience, and include facts that aren’t commonly known to the wider-public.

The video was a smashing success for the festival and on social media with over 40,000 views and hundreds of shares with everyone in awe of the beautiful property and stories.

Meri Freedom

For this project the mission was to create a moving video telling the story of the Meri Freedom charity which helps young women and teenage girls from Papua New Guinea with sanitary bags that educates them and helps them manage their monthly periods with dignity.

All the work Gay Muller (Founder) and the team do is entirely donation-based and done by volunteers so the video needed to hit home on why the charity is needed and how people can help.


"We are super passionate about making films and video content that truly affects people in a meaningful way. Our goal is to impact both the viewers/customers and in turn the businesses so they're able to exponentially grow".  - Founder, Ben Ruhland

Meet the team!

Ben Ruhland

Ben Ruhland

Founder / Director
Jason Morris

Jason Morris

Cinematographer / DOP
Marko Delinac

Marko Delinac

Graphic Designer / Editor / Ads Management

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